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josefine.kronstrand@hotmail.com för mer information om Tai Chi-lektioner i Stockholm.


Aktuellt: Välkommen att prova på Tai Chi! Den 8:e April klockan 19 på Din Hälsa på Hagagatan 6 i Stockholm. Ny kurs i Yang Style Tai Chi 8 forms startar sedan den 22:e April kl 19 på Din Hälsa, 8 tisdagar kl 19. Välkomna!


Jag instruerar både i Yang-style och Chen-style Tai Chi. Välkommen att höra av dig om du är intresserad av Tai Chi- Meditation i rörelse.



Stress is a big threat to our health today. In Sweden, and especially in the big cities, the life is moving very fast and few people have time to stop and be present in the moment. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese knowledge that helps you to relax your mind, be aware of your present at the same time that you improve your balance, strength, coordination and flexibility.

Tai Chi (sometimes also written Taiji or Tai Chi Chuan) has been practised in China for many hundred years. It is a part of the Chinese medicine together with Acupuncture, Medical herbs, Tuina (Chinese massage) and Moxa. It is also a part of the Chinese Martial Art, Wushu (Kung-fu). It is slow movements done with a lot of precision in a sequence of movements after each other.


Josefine Kronstrand

I have been practicing Tai Chi for 15 years. I started to learn it in China 1999 and continued in Malaysia to learn from a chinese Master.


I am a physiotherapist which means I also have a lot of knowledge about how the body works and how to use your body in exercise in a healthy and balanced way.



Tai Chi på Din Hälsa, Hagagatan 6 vid Odenplan!

Kom på "Prova på Tai Chi", tisdagen den 8:e April kl 19-20.

Efter påsk börjar jag sedan en kurs på 8 tillfällen, 22/4-10/6 då jag lär ut Yang style Tai Chi, 8 forms.


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